Crunch these numbers

In business school, you’ll learn to analyze return on investment. So let’s cut to the chase:

  • Forbes magazine ranks TCU among the nation’s best MBA programs for return on investment.
  • USNews & World Report ranks TCU #4 for MBAs with the Most Financial Value at Graduation based on first year post-MBA salaries relative to debt load.
  • The average salary of our grads more than doubles in the five years after they earn a TCU MBA.
  • A TCU MBA positions you to change careers — for greater earning potential and personal happiness.

But leaving the security of a paycheck is a difficult, life-changing decision. That’s why the Neeley School combines generous scholarship and financial aid packages with tuition rates that are competitively priced for a high-quality, private education. Our top award, the Dean’s Scholarship, covers full tuition plus a stipend. In 2011, the average annual scholarship for full-time MBA students was more than $25,000. More than 80 percent of our students receive scholarships or graduate assistantships.

Wondering if the TCU MBA will pay off for you? Check out these examples:

  • Our recent grads landed with IBM, American Airlines, Ericsson, Pepsi, Capital One and other top companies.
  • Career changers — like Daniel Graham, who transitioned from music teacher and software trainer to Lockheed Martin project manager and operations rep — see their pay increase and their job satisfaction soar.
  • Our new grads scored impressive job titles: project manager, controller, financial analyst, brand manager, commodity manager, portfolio manager and business analyst.

Hard facts about TCU ROI

  • Best ROI: ranked among the nation’s best MBA programs by Forbes and USNews & World Report
  • #4 for MBAs with the Most Financial Value at Graduation (USNews & World Report)
  • 2X+: average salary increase, pre-MBA to post-MBA (Forbes).
  • 15,000+: Neeley School alumni to connect with around the globe.
  • $26,287: Average scholarship for full-time MBA students in 2011.

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  • Princeton Review Ranks TCU MBA Students #10

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