Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Mariam G. MacGregor 817-257-7556  mariam.macgregor@tcu.edu Assistant Director View Bio View
Jane Mackay 817-257-7540  j.mackay@tcu.edu Director, eBusiness Program and Associate Professor, eBusiness View Bio View
Dave Malenfant 817-257-7551  dave.malenfant@tcu.edu Director View Bio View
Steven Mann (817) 257-7569  s.mann@tcu.edu Associate Professor, Finance View Bio View
John Mathis (817) 257-5191  j.mathis@tcu.edu Instructor View Bio View
Sallye McDowell 817-257-7119  s.mcdowell@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Megan McKinney 817-257-6920  m.e.mckinney@tcu.edu Administrative Program Specialist View Bio View
Kalyn McKittrick 817-257-6033  k.m.baldwin@tcu.edu Director of Marketing and Engagement View Bio View
Laura Meade (817) 257-7036  l.meade@tcu.edu Professor of Supply Chain Practice View Bio View
Kevin (K.C.) Mendez 817-257-5368  k.c.mendez@tcu.edu Academic Advisor View Bio View
Regina Middleton 817-257-5201  regina.middleton@tcu.edu Academic Advisor View Bio View
Vassil Mihov (817) 257-7147  v.mihov@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Finance View Bio View
Chuck Miller (817) 257-7560  c.e.miller@tcu.edu Director of Technology View Bio View
Thomas Moeller 817-257-7457  t.moeller@tcu.edu Associate Professor, Finance View Bio View
William Moncrief (817) 257-6185  b.moncrief@tcu.edu Professor of Marketing View Bio View
Artemis Moon (817) 257-5886  a.moon@tcu.edu Adjunct, Marketing View Bio View
Jeff Moore (817) 257-7431  j.moore@tcu.edu Instructor - Finance View Bio View
Kevin Moore 817-257-4850  kevin.moore@tcu.edu Lecturer View Bio View
Lynn Muller (817) 257-7522  l.muller@tcu.edu Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs View Bio View
Mark Muller (817) 257-7570  m.muller@tcu.edu Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration View Bio View